Why Journal?

You know why I am always encouraging you to write on your scrapbook layouts? Because it is you putting your hand to that paper to communicate something.  A couple of years ago, my grandfather gave me a letter written by his mother.  I thought she was illiterate but there it was.  It was written in pencil to her daughter in the convent telling her about my grandfather’s wedding in 1930.  It was fascinating in its documenting from her personal perspective that very special day.  She also talked about strange New Mexican customs like trying to hijack the bride!  She also shared insight into her own personality and the love she has for her children as she writes about her table missing so many of her children now that they are grown or her apologizing for not writting more often but that her daughter should remember that she is never forgotten because she is a “piece of her heart.”  It is special because it was written by her own hand.

Read what my favorite scrapbooker has to say on the matter.  Check out her blog at www.wilnaf.blospot.com

The thing about journaling is this: When your mom dies and 10 years later you discover something that she wrote… you will cry when you see her handwriting. It will NOT matter to you that she scribbled and did not have and architect’s hand. You will cry because she loved you enough to put her hand to paper and tell you something. About how she loved you, about YOU and what YOU did, about her life and her beliefs and her loves. And that letter will be among your most cherished possessions. THAT is what I want to give my children. And that I will never stop doing.Till tomorrow…
That is pretty convincing, isn’t it? 



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