The Love Between a Brother and Sister

Some recent photos I took of Andres and Elizabeth reminded me of an older photo and I mixed the two on this layout with lots of journaling to talk about their relationship as brother and sister.  The two tabs on the right both pull out to reveal more journaling;.  In one I talk about the seafoam green crocheted dress that my grandmother made for Elizabeth as well as our condo patio in Studio City.  The slender vellum envelope on the left is actually a note to Andres and Elizabeth about their relationship as brother and sister.  It says: My precious angels — I have talked about this many times….maybe that gives you a clue to how important this is!  It is likely that you will have each other longer than you will have either your father or me (at least on earth). Protect your relationship. Nurture your relationship.  You will know each other better than anyone else knows you. Use that knowledge to help each other not hurt each other. Protect each other, counsel each other (in love), always put theinterests of the other at the heart of your counsel, words and actions. Love, Mom

The journaling on the bottom half reads:

Mom habits die hard.  The other day I asked Elizabeth, “Put your arm around your brother.” These were the photos I got. They were the public response of “I’ll put my arm around him but I won’t touch him” kind of thing.  At 18 & 19 it is a little different than when they were 3 & 4 when it didn’t take much to prompt them to display their love and affection for each other.  The good thing — and I am so grateful — is that they still do deeply care for each other.  You saw it in their eyes in the 1991 photo and it is still there in the 2007 photos — just maybe the public display has changed. Seeing them together warmed my heart then and does today!


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