Who we are in this world…..

You will be fascinated with this video.  If the population of the world were reduced to 100 people, this is what our community would look like.  Identify where you are and you will never look at your life in quite the same way again.  Through it all, recognize how incredibly blessed you are.

Click here and then click on “english” (also available in spanish and portuguese). The video presentation is haunting and stirring. 


One Response

  1. I thought that the video was very good. I think that is very important for people to give to those who have none. Thank you for posting it. It rocks. If you don’t mind I am going to make a post on my blog and tell people to visit the link.

    I give to Kiva (.org site) they give microloans to people in 3rd world nations. I think there should be more things like this.

    Have a good day. Natcha

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