My sweet friend….Nancy

My dear friend Nancy sent me a card after my father’s death.  Despite the fact that she knew that I had not grown up with my father, she took the time to write me a beautiful note.  Not just a note with kind words but she has the gift of looking deep into the moment and seeking out the life lessons, and the uplifting and deeply encouraging words of comfort. Even beyond this, she unites her spirit with others and looks at what God has shown her through her own journey.  In my note, she shared with me, although I am sure experiencing pain herself through this, lessons from her own relationship with and loss of her father.

We receive these seemingly simple and kind offerings often ….we enjoy them for the moment and then we quietly send them to the resting place of a forgotten drawer.  I want so much to revisit this wonderful treasure and so I created this layout.  I also someday want my grandchildren or great grand children to come to know of the kindness of this wonderful woman.

I hope you have (and recognize) the “Nancy” in your life.

The Layout: The little tabs are tucked under the photo. These are SOME of her qualities.  I used vellum so that some of the beautiful pattern of the paper would show through.  Below the photo it reads:  My friend Nancy — a treasure of comfort, a source of wisdom, a model of kindness, a giver of grace…….a follower of Christ.



2 Responses

  1. Melissa, I LOVE that new photo in your blog banner! WOW! I have many friends, and one or two “Nancy”s. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. How lucky you are to have such a great friend. Thanks for sharing your layout.

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