Surrender study….

We had a good study last night.  We are looking at issues of surrender and what that means in our life and what role it has in the development of faith.  Surrender is important in any relationship…..

The lesson last night was entitled, “True Greatness”  I was really drawn to the video clip which highlighted some of the paradoxes in discovering true greatness and the clash of value systems.  Giving is receiving, losing is finding, poor is rich, weakness is strength, serving is ruling, ….. lose you life and you will find it.  We are so attached to our schtuff, huh? (the things or people who mean security to us).  How does being bound to material things affect our life.  Last week we looked at the key to significance.  We usually think of status as what makes us significant…….in this study we are looking at surrender as a key to significance……wild, huh?  Surrender issues are hard…..they have to do with trust.  I am looking forward to next week’s lesson: “Wild Gratitude” and especially “Ultimate Trust.”  In the noise of everyday life, it is good to reflect….and to embark on this journey together as a group of women. It is a good thing to do life together. Let me know if you want to join us next Tuesday at 7pm. 


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