Mikey’s update…..

Of course, he is always Mikey to me……exploratory surgery this morning did not find the nerve system they were looking for so at this point they have decided to let him heal from the wound and in a few months military neurosurgeons will work on the nerve damage from the M-16 bullet.  This was an accident during a.. rescue training exercise.  Thankfully, the doctors and helicopters were involved in the exercise so they got him to a trauma center via helicopter in 12 minutes.  The surgeon confirmed that one centimeter in any direction would have killed him. God has given his mom and dad a spirit of gratitude that even surprise the doctors……his parents credit it to the Chief Surgeon who is not yet done with Mikey (God!).  Thank you for your prayers….keep them up.

Cousin’s visit…..a few photos

My cousin Paula has been visiting with her family this week.  We very much enjoyed their visit and it was very special for grandpa and mom.  She is a much beloved neice to my mom.  It is beautiful to see the kids grow…..and for the kid cousins to get to know each other. 

Pray right now….

Dear Michael…..in surgery right now to repair a bullet wound…..brave soldier……proud Marine.  Looks like it is not life threatening (thank you, Lord!) but the shoulder suffered the wound and surrounding tissue.  Please keep him and his parents and

family in prayer. Thank you for joining us in prayer this evening. 

UPDATE: Injury was more in the neck area. Appears there are some nerve issues and another surgery is scheduled for tomarrow morning.  Please keep praying!

Day of Creativity this Saturday

Our all day exploration of the world of scrapbooking is this Saturday!  Come when you can, leave when you have to!  We have a few new gals joining us this weekend.  Not sure you want to get into this hobby?  Come by and just hang out and see what creative madness goes on!

I have been very busy and haven’t created anything new recently, but here is something from a while ago that might inspire you.

This is a favorite of mine……an engaged couple…. and the design is centered around the title while is a mixture of fonts and textures…..and of course, the central focus is on the photo which by itself tells a story.

Good to be home…

It is good to be home.  The boys were over practicing and it was so great to see them sit down to a pan of home made enchiladas, rice and beans.  Later, I took some photos of them for their myspace band site.  They are called the Fusse (actually pronounced, foos – ay….) Their sound engineer wasn’t able to make the gig so their recording is a little delayed…..but all the music Andres wrote for the band is sounding very good.

Heart to Heart Sisters

The LWML National Convention in Sioux Falls, South Dakota was an amazing event.  More than 5,000 women were present and a $1.7 mission goal was set for the next biennium and mission projects chosen!  This biennium, with the Heart to Heart Sisters program, the LWML invited a group of Native American women and a group of women who are converts to Christianity from Islam.  They all had amazing stories and were incredible examples of faith and courage.   Since 2001 we have brought nearly 80 ethnic women leaders to the national convention beginning with the Oklahoma City convention.  Here are some snapshots of this year’s convention. 

[rockyou id=74746292&w=426&h=319]

Graduation Day!

The beautiful campus of Point Loma Nazarene University overlooking the Pacific Ocean made a perfect backdrop to the graduation ceremony today.  We were all so proud of Liz and love her so much!  Back at the house we had a carne asada with friends and family. It was a perfect day….