Super Quick Layout……

The design is as simple as it gets…plain even.  But the story was so big that it spilled over onto the backside of the layout.  The long discourse wasn’t even just about Andres and the hair cut controversy, but about the topic of hair in general.  Read the journaling below.

 What is it about hair? We sometimes define our whole day by what our hair decides to do on a given day. “I’m having a bad hair day” for example.  We do recognize that our hair sometimes has a mind of its own! But nonetheless, we try to tame it through the use of gels and irons (in continuous, smoking use on Elizabeth’s hair for sure) and sprays.  Our hair is also a statement to the world.  In the case of Andrés, going away to college signaled a change and his hair showed it. He wasn’t interested in a trim or shaping.  I liked the curls but most of all, I wanted to support his right to choose his own unique look.  Elizabeth was very hard on him, telling him he looked like a bun or, if she was feeling particularly generous, like a caveman.  Usually, she would just spare words and tell him he looked ”ugly and horrible!”  When he neared the end of the year he asked me to cut it. “Really?” I said. There was no explanation, no philosophical musings.  He was just ready.  When I reached the point of what you see in the “after” shoot, he said that was enough.  A couple of weeks later he asked for it shorter, like he “used to have it.”  For years he hadn’t really changed his hair style, from the short, spikey look.  Although the cut is back, some things have changed a bit. He has actual side burns now and wears them just slightly longer and he styles his hair spiked to the middle – a kind of a “fauxhawk” as they seem to call it.  Things may return but they are never the same—that is the journey of change and growth and I love to be witnessing it up close and personal in the life of Andres (and Elizabeth).Photos May 2007Journaling June 2007 


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  1. i adore your banner, but most of all, the beautiful pictures of your little girl in the garden!!
    take care
    from sunny South Africa

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