Graduation is coming up fast and furious

So many things to get ready for graduation from Lutheran High School!  Liz went to her prom last Sunday.  This group of girls purposely took no dates….they just wanted to be friends enjoying their last dance of high school together.  I am trying to get the memories down on paper and capture the images as they happen and are fresh.  I did two layouts…one about the prom and one about field day.  The field day layout is a design I use quite often and am very fond of.  I gather four 3 x 3 photos on a large mat and lay it smack dab in the center.   This time, i left out a very important photo so I shifted center and highlighted one photo outside the box.  What do you think?  The prom layout highlights the before and after look of high school girls to vavavoom drop dead gorgeous divas!  On the tag behind the photo I put the cost of dress, heels, makeup and hair (I mean hair do). The price of things will be interesting in a few decades!


One Response

  1. Yay for prom and graduation and Lutheran high schools!

    Love how you put the price of everything on the back of the layout. That will be something fun to look at later in life!

    I think that the shift in the field day layout is great – really highlights it, especially making it into a circle!

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