Day of Creativity this Saturday

Our all day exploration of the world of scrapbooking is this Saturday!  Come when you can, leave when you have to!  We have a few new gals joining us this weekend.  Not sure you want to get into this hobby?  Come by and just hang out and see what creative madness goes on!

I have been very busy and haven’t created anything new recently, but here is something from a while ago that might inspire you.

This is a favorite of mine……an engaged couple…. and the design is centered around the title while is a mixture of fonts and textures…..and of course, the central focus is on the photo which by itself tells a story.


One Response

  1. I regret I will not be able to attend due to my family reunion of the original San Diego families from 1700’s ..very fun time …would be fun to scapbook about this event.
    I wanted to share with you I did a scrapbook you would have been very proud of for John’s mom’s 80th bday this past weekend. Thanks for your wonderful teachings.
    Look forward to the next scrap day

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