Mikey’s breathing and feeding tubes are out….he can talk

Liz is at the hospital right now and tells me that Mikey has the tubes out and he can talk!  Thank you Lord. At the same time, just got an email from a friend from St. Louis who was excited about her son graduating and even with a job offer and a week later….diagnosed with cancer.  Please keep Clark and his parents and family in your prayers.  We live in a broken world. We get so wrapped up in our lives, our problems…..look at what follows (beyond the sun) for perspective.  We are tiny and insignificant but the Creator chose to make us and died to bring us close to Him for eternity. This life is over in a blink of the eye….God is good because He created eternity for us.  While we wait on this earth, well, we have joy, we have suffering……and we also have miracles.  I am praying for a miracle for Clark and Mikey. 

click here   beyond-our-sun.doc


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  1. Praise God !!!!! Mikey is progressing…we still need continue lifting him in prayer. Praying also for Clark and his family as they battle. May the Lord show mercy,peace and comfort.

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