Busy week….

We have VBS this week so it will be a busy week.  I am working on a project for VBS……squares representing the diversity of people in the family of faith…..each one will decorate one…then sewing the squares together into banners.  I will let you know how it goes!

Just wanted to announce that the Day of Creativity is this next Saturday, the 28th! Wooo-hooo.  As usual, we will begin at 10am and end around 8ish. Bring your photos and we will help with the rest.  If you are new at this, resist going to the store and loading up on scrapbooking supplies…..at least not just yet.  I have all the paper and embellishments here….I will help you figure out what cutter to buy (and to save your Michael’s 40% of coupon to buy it!) and what adhesives might be just right for you.

HEY, SCRAPBOOKING GALS.  Help us out here.  What are the top 4 scrapbooking items you cannot live without!  For me?  1. My Dahle cutter 2. My circle and square punch….oh and my corner rounder (I know that is three but they are in the same category!) 3.  Glue sticks and I love the new glue runner I picked up at Walmart, cheap…super sticky and super permanent and I have learned to use it sparingly so it is a good buy. 4.  black ink pad…I love to ink edges and give things a grundgy look.  How about you?  Leave your favs in the comment box and share the knowledge with some newbies in my group.

Thanks! Melissa 


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