New prayer request and Mikey Update…

Prayer warriors…..pray for this next phase…..

The military neurosurgeons have determined that Mikey’s case is too difficult for them to handle.  The neurosurgeons feel Mayo Clinic is the best in this type of surgery so they are are going there for several (?) surgeries.  As the surgeon explained, there are 5 nerves that serve as a network from the spine to the shoulder and arm.  All 5 nerves, in Mikey’s case were either destroyed or severely damaged.  This is called a Brachial Plexus injury.  Not only the nerves but muscle tissue and tendons were destroyed.  He will need several grafts of both nerves, muscle and tendon tissue.  Tony and Betty are waiting to hear what the next steps will be.  This is a difficult case, but thankfully there is nothing too difficult for God to accomplish.  Please pray for….

1.  Thanksgiving for the drs discussing and deciding where Mikey would get the best care for his injury.

2. Thanksgiving that Mayo has accepted his case.

3.  Pray for the Neurosurgeons that will be working with Mikey in Minnesota.

4.  Pray for peace and calm for Mikey and Tony and Betty and that they will be continually reassured that God is close and in charge…….as they figure out what the next steps are.

5.  Pray for flexibility in Betty’s work situation so that she can get the time necessary from work.

6.  Pray that they can be connected with caring Christians in Rochester and that they can find a place to live and the other details of potentially being there for months.

7.  Pray for continued and miraculous healing for Mikey’s injury.

8.  Pray for all the little details that need to be attended to…and that we can be useful in supporting them in this time of transition.

9.  Pray for our frequent flyer miles to be quickly amassed so that we can visit!


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