Shopping day…

This was a busy day.  I found my favorite dentist, Dr. Mondragon (the kids liked to call him Dr MAN dragon) who had left the old practice and I hadn’t found him until recently.  I had a painless root canal this morning.  I made a quick dash to the Picture This Scrapbooking in Bonita.  Then I took Liz for her college physical which included tests, blood workups.  We then hit Bed, Bath and Beyond and then we went to La Rosa Verde for a pedicure together. Love this new salon on the corner of H and Otay Lakes….peaceful, calm music, no TV and no TALKING among the manicurists (unusual!)….then we hit the Target (with Blanca and Samantha) and Liz got her black and pink bed clothes and lots of other things she needed. Teens at the house again tonight watching “High School Musical”. I love just soaking up their exhuberance for life.  Andres and the boys from the band went on a ROAD TRIP to San Francisco….he has already checked in with me three times…sounds like they are having fun just enjoying the drive up….stopping plenty of places to look at the ocean and visit the little beach towns along the way. Did the grocery shopping for mom and grandpa and before calling it a night, I have to work a bit on my lead article for the LWML Quarterly Winter Issue.  We packed alot into a day, huh?


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