Day of Creativity

We had a fun day of creativity this month. We combined it with the campout/family fun day at Concordia so the kids had something to do while we scrapbooked!  We welcomed Jordan who came with Stacey, Melissa and Laurie, Betty, Disa and Chrystal (hopefully I spelled it right) who was so much fun and is a long time friend (from jr high!) of Joyce’s.  We especially liked that Chrystal brought a photo of Joyce and Norm on their wedding day!  They were married at Concordia and it was fun to hear about the pastor who has serving the congregation then, telling them the wedding dress could not be strapless and that they could not kiss in the church!  And that was only the 80s! 

I worked on a simple layout…..have you noticed that when you are scrapbooking away from home, like at a crop, you think about those things you think you just have to have but of course, you left them at home?  Well, it is a challenge to limit yourself to what you have on hand…..that takes some extra creativity. Use what you have on hand and give it a new application…..innovate!  That is a good thought for the day.  I did one layout about Andres and the Fusse band (you can listen to their music here) Thier alter ego, the Soul Prophets, played for worship on Sunday.  The other layout is again one I had to “make do” on…..I cut the flower from the patterned paper….I used a thicker pen for the journaling than I wanted to, but I like it… is simple… is complete and that is a good thing.


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  1. Lovely layouts Melissa. I especially like the Fuse one.

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