Fusse at the Bonitafest!

We had alot of fun watching Fusse perform at the Bonitafest.  Here are a few scenes….

[rockyou id=85710488&w=426&h=320]

Celebrating with Arroz and Gandules tonight!

Mikey’s travel orders came in yesterday…..after weeks of phone calls.  Six weeks to be exact.  The time we began the Dragonslayers sermon series……the way that God spoke to at least one couple: Tony and Betty….and Mikey too.  Betty said she felt like David and Goliath, coming home for lunch each day to make phone calls and calling when she arrived home from work every evening.  The military said Mikey would have to go to the Mayo Clinic alone…… for three surgeries.  “That is not right,” Betty said and she perservered.  The lesson on prayer on Sunday…. the action of prayer during the week which Betty said, “They were life transforming days…I am speechless at how God works.” 

Betty wondered how they would pay for the travel expenses when she would take a leave of absence without pay and still make mortgage payments back home? Betty and Tony prayed and Betty continued making her phone calls. 

Interesting…..six week sermon series on prayer.  At the end of six week of prayer….an answer.  Travel orders picked up yesterday.  The travel orders included Mikey and Tony, air travel and hotel expenses for 60 days…… they will stay there for all three surgeries.  Betty was not included but that was ok….her ticket was only $480.

Learning to pray…..praying……having others pray with you.  It is powerful.

Mikey invited four buddies over for puertorrican food tonight…….Betty’s famous cooking …. Mikey’s batallion leaves Nov 4 on their way to Iraq.  Include them in your prayers also please.

In her calm and confident voice Betty tells me, “What is ahead is not going to be easy but I know God is in control and m’hijo is going to be fine……this is confirmation…..and I have peace.”  Wow!  In the face of at least three more surgeries.  The first one is Oct 12 where they will likely harvest the tissue and nerves.  The next surgery is a very delicate one…..working on all five nerves….working near the spinal cord…..16 hour surgery.  Lots of prayer still needed…..needed for the coming days and weeks…..months also.  

For me, Betty’s voice is going to echo in my mind for a long time to come.  “Everything is going to be ok……God is in control.”  Yes, when God is in control, it’s all going to be ok. 

Well done, Betty.  Good praying.  Good perservering. Good thanking God for the display of His power.

I posted a new video on my site (on the right sidebar) tonight before talking with Betty……very appropriate…”Great is your faithfulness.” 

Tomorrow….the Bonitafest!

A reporter from the Star News wrote a wonderful article (a three page article I might add..) on the Fusse band…..encouraging people to go out and hear them play at the Bonitafest…..a local, well attended event in the South Bay of San Diego.  They have been practicing and I think they are ready……they are performing a few new songs in addition to the ones that everyone already knows because they are on their myspace site…. (www.myspace.com/fusseband)  I will have photos tomorrow so check back then….or if you are local, come out to see them.  They will be on the stage in front of the Bonita Library from 1 to 2pm.    


A wonderful visit from my missionary friends…

We had such a good visit from my dear friends Ron and Chris and their beautiful daughters Claire and Lauren.  Ron, the computer expert, networked our computers in our new office in Tijuana and resolved many random computer issues and upgraded one of our computers.  We got to hear all about their mission work with Gospel for Asia.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Did you know?

My friend Ron showed me this video.  It will blow your mind. Watch it here.

[splashcast DXDW2038ES]

Padraig Shamus – 2 months!

It was so much fun to photograph handsome baby Padraig Shamus with his irish dad and american mom.  I loved the photos with the American and Irish flags! Thanks PJ and Cindy.

THIS is my favorite shot.

Birthday surprise!

It was such a great birthday.  There was breakfast, baloons, singing and cake at church and then Andres and Mom took me out to dinner and Liz joined us there….a total surprise. She drove down from Irvine to be with me on my birthday!  What a great surprise…and they pulled it off almost to the end.  Liz was in the turn lane in front of us and can you believe I didn’t realize it was her until I saw the sticker on the back of the Jeep….they threw me off the scent because Liz had sent me flowers with a beautiful message…..and I figured that was my gift but NO…..she came in person. My day was complete!