Mikey at the Mayo Clinic

Well, Tony, Betty and Mikey got to Rochester, Minn. home of the famous Mayo Clinic on Saturday.  They were met by members of Trinity Lutheran Church who have adopted the Pachecos while they are there.  I spoke to Betty tonight and they spent all day today at the Mayo Clinic in several rounds of tests.  One lasted 1 1/2 hours in which pins were placed all along Mikeys spine.  Mikey was worn out and very sore…..Betty says there was even bruising along his spine because of this test.  They are also changing medications, weaning him off the famous “patch” for pain.  He meets with his three neurosurgeons tomorrow.  One is Dr. Spinner and one is Dr. Shin.  These are specialists in brachial plexus injuries.  His first surgery has been scheduled for Oct 16 which is next Tuesday.  It has been 3 1/2 months since his injury and there is only a 6 month window in which these surgeries have the highest success rate.  Please keep this family in your prayers.  More details to follow tomorrow.


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  1. […] *Pray for Michael Pacheco. He is Rochester at the Mayo Clinic for surgery to repair a blown out shoulder, the result of a live Marine exercise simulating war conditions before he was to ship out to Iraq.  He has undergone many procedures and this is the next one.  Please pray for him tomorrow during preop tests and on Friday during his surgery.  You can read more HERE, HERE and  HERE. […]

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