Amazing surgery results! God is so good.

Betty was laying on a little cot by Mikey’s bed at 11:30pm tonight calling me from her cell phone.  She sounded exhausted but calm and at peace.  She talked about the amazing journey that has been being at the Mayo Clinic.  She says she has seen God’s provision and how He has sent little “angels” to put everything in its place…..more than she could have ever anticipated.

The first miracle.  The five major nerve centers that were thought to all be destroyed…….one survived.  It happens to be the nerve that guides the hand.  Remember on a previous email how the surgeons told them they had little success recovering all hand function?  That nerve is completely intact.  They tested it and the brain was receiving all signals.  It has been traumatized but the Dr. expects it to recover on its own.  I am assuming that because they have not been satisfied with hand recover on other similar surgeries, that is why they told them he would have 80-90% recovery……now I think we are looking at something markedly improved!  Praise God!

For those of you who are interested in the miracle that is modern surgery……details on what was actually done.  So instead of the five nerve centers they were going to transfer, they only had to work on four. One nerve center was taken from his rotator cuff.  The second one was taken from one leg and the third from the other leg.  The fourth one they took from his left arm…..yes, you heard right….the left arm the injured one.  There were three incisions because they had to take nerves from three different areas.  Apparently these are not just single nerves but groups.

Another miracle.  The surgery was reduced by 3 hours!  Why?  Because when the injury happened the surgeons went in to see what they could repair.  The were not able to repair anything because the injury was so severe BUT the Mayo surgeons found that those doctors at the trauma center had done such a superior job at tagging the injured nerves with titanium chips, three hours were spared of surgery time…..and the risk that comes along with that.

As Betty and I were talked I could hear Mikey in the background say, “Good Night…I love you”

Another miracle.  They anticipate Mikey doing his therapy here in San Diego.  Through an amazing set of circumstances…….Dr. Shin just happened to be in San Diego last week to give a two day conference.  He went out of his way to meet with the drs at Balboa Hospital to discuss Mikey’s continued care and therapy and what would be required and how they would make it possible for him to return here for his therapy……!  When the surgery was over, Betty says that Dr. Shin was “happy” and said he expected nothing but good results.  Dr. Shin?  He happens to be a Christian.

Another miracle.  They are using some very new technology on Mikey to measure his movement, bone condition and muscle condition.  This is the very latest.  It was used on an injury recently that Tiger Woods had to measure his movement with exact precision….and they used this robotic technology on Mikey.  He spent the day yesterday hooked up to many sophisticated measurement devices.  This will allow for such exact measurements they will be able to see in 6 months what his exact progress is.  Betty said it was space age like and Mikey is contributing to research in this area.

Another miracle were the “angels” of care and mercy that they encountered in the people they had never met before.  A woman in a wheelchair that Mikey met on one of his shuttle waits came to be with Tony and Betty today in the waiting room during the surgery.  She said Mikey was a very special young man.  Another stranger prayed and encouraged them and put them on his church’s prayer chain……he encouraged them from Jeremiah 53…..he happened to be a Lutheran.  The Dr who is the pain specialist , certainly seasoned in witnessing suffering and pain, talked to Mikey and Betty yesterday and when Betty said she was looking forward to the day that Mikey would once again play his guitar inthe church’s praise band, the Dr. was so moved, he teared up and told Mikey, “You will play your guitar for God.”  Little kindnesses…..confirmation that a big God is caring for even the smallest details.

Betty talked in the darkness of a hospital room thousands of miles away…..I listened, thankfully I didn’t have to speak because I wouldn’t have been able to…….we gave God thanks together.



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  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog as well as for keeping me in your prayers. I am so glad that Mikey has done so well with his surgery.

  2. Thank you for bringing the miracle God is working thru Mikey in print for us to read….you are such a gift to all of us Melissa

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