Please pray…..for fires to be extinguished!

In the dry conditions of Southern California, we have wildfires raging near my house and throughout several counties in the southern part of the state. Liz left the Concordia Univ. campus at midnight last night.  Here is a photo of the Irvine fire.

Near our house is the Harris fire.  The winds are bad and so they have basically not been able to fight the fire at all today.  They are saying that the fire is likely to travel west through CHula Vista, where I live.  Neighborhoods just a couple of miles east have already evacuated and we are providing shelter for some families in our church already tonight.  Please pray that the winds die down this evening….right now……and they are able to contain the fire.  Some 300,000 people have already been evacuated and many homes have been destroyed in the eastern part of the city.

I pulled 91 hand made quilts out of the garage and Don Anderson of Orphan Grain Train took them to the temporary shelter at the Chula Vista high school and we took quilts over to the church also for those families making beds there. Andres is upstairs doing some serious packing.  I am watching the progression of the fire and praying the winds die down or change direction…..and go back east out toward the uninhabited area. 


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  1. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.

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