Evacuation lifted for CHula Vista

Thanks for your prayers. The evacuation has just been lifted for CHula Vista because the winds have changed……at least for now……when dealing with unpreditable wind, we can’t rest easy until the fires are out.  We are praying for those more than 500 people who have already lost their homes. Liz is heading back to the University in the morning.  One of her friends lost her home yesterday….she lived out in Ramona.  Prayers are still appreciated for those who have been affected by the fires.  On the map, we live where it says Bonita because we are on the extreme eastern side of CHula Vista.  Across the street is Bonita and we are Chula Vista.


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  1. Melissa, I am so glad I found this blog of yours! I sent you an email to find out how you were doing, but it bounced back to me–I think because your mailbox was full. You have been on my mind. This is a nightmare. I am glad to know that you and the kids are OK and, so far, out of danger. I will continue to check back here to learn how things are with you!
    We had a really bad scare Sunday night, but everything eventually turned out OK. My camper burned up and some of my trees are falling apart from the wind, but I am safe and my house is not damaged.
    Amor, Nancy

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