Update on Mikey….

I just got off the phone with Tony.  Mikey has had some rough days…..the pain has been severe.  He had to go to the emergency room on Sunday….no one has slept since Saturday…..until last night.  It was the first time Mikey slept a good 5 hours straight.  They visited the pain management dr to find out what could help him.  Today was the first day Mikey was able to leave the room, watch some tv…..get out of his bed.  Tony was so grateful for that and says, “just one day at a time.”  He was telling me how wonderful the people of Trinity Lutheran had been……like “oro molido”  (like pure, fine gold)….when they didn’t go to church on Sunday the Vicar came to lead them in devotion and serve them Holy Communion.  He invited them over for dinner also. 

Tony was very concerned and wanted to hear about how things were here.  He was especially concerned that families from the church that were having to stay at the church. He was offering his truck and his home here.  I was able to report that for now, our evacuation order has been cancelled…..so it was not necessary.  This is very like them all…..always thinking of others.  He was saying he hasn’t been able to send photos because they didn’t take the cables to the camera….maybe just as well.  He says Mikey has staples in both of his legs from the knee to the ankle. 

Please pray for Mikey……his healing, pain control, and strong and steady faith.  Tony and Betty are very grateful for the prayers of so many….include them in your prayers also.  They are focusing on the future when this difficult time is behind them.  The drs have given Mikey clearance to travel home THIS SATURDAY!  Please pray for all the details that need to fall into place for their smooth return home.  We are so anxious to see them!  Thank you prayer partners who from many parts of the world, have joined in pray for Mikey. God has been merciful to answer our prayers.


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