A tiny bit of scrapbooking…

What to do with all the good photos my friend Kimi took at Andres’ birthday party? Well, here is the result.  Of course, the two inserts peeking out underneath the focal photo are filled back and front with the real story…..reflecting on what it means for Andres to be 20, what he has discovered this year, how amazing his year has been and how grateful we are to God.

If you notice, I chose the colors of the sweater that Mikey is wearing, green, brown and white.  I used a party game truth or dare magnet game that I picked up at the Target dollar bin for the oval embellishments.  They say things like: “Talk about your first kiss” “Who are the three most important people in your life”  “Who would you trade places with and why”  The one that randomly caught my imagination was the one that said: “Run as fast as you can around the room.”  It made me think how this exactly describes Andres’ life right now at 20 and so the title idea was born…..  How about “run as fast as you can around your life.”  That is what is means to be 20.

Flurry of activity….

It has been a beautiful Christmas week.  We have had many special events at church since, if God wills, this is likely the last Christmas we spend at our current site (one that we have been in since 1961!)  I loved the women’s Christmas party where we talked about our favorite Christmas memory.  We learned so many beautiful and deep things about each other.  Pastor gave a special message on “From Memory to Legacy.” 

On Saturday, we took sourvenir Christmas photos in front of the altar like this one of Pastor Schmidt and his family….


and saw a special screening of the colorized version of “It’s a Beautiful Life.”  I didn’t think I would like it as well as the black and white version….but I did. It’s message is never dated.

Of course, our Christmas Eve service is something so special with candlelight.  Pastor had a great message about how the light of the Christ child overcomes all darkness. To illustrate the point of how darkness and crisis sometimes invade our lives without warning, he suddenly had all the lights turned off in the church with only the Christ candle of the Advent wreath lit.  It was a powerful visual.

The Children’s Christmas program is so heartwarming when children talk about the meaning of Christmas and retell the birth of Jesus.

You can read some Christmas musings on the Gift of gifts here and see a great video.

The Beauty of Southern California

We are close to the ocean.  We have a beautiful climate all year round.  We do have a fire season (big negative) but we can enjoy the sun, ocean, desert, mountains and snow in one afternoon…….with a 1 and 1/2 hour drive!  Andres and Annie went to the snow yesterday…..and made snow angels!

More pictures from Andres’ party

Photos courtesy of Kimi!

Super simple layout

I guess because Andres had a birthday, I came across this layout I did before the summer and thought I would share it.  It is very simple but for me, the photos, the art….it is all an excuse to tell the story.  I wrote and I wrote and I filled up even the entire back side of the 12 x 12 cardstock!

Before and After

What is it about hair? We sometimes define our whole day by what our hair decides to do on a given day. “I’m having a bad hair day” for example. We do recognize that our hair sometimes has a mind of its own! But nonetheless we try to tame it through the use of gels and irons (in continuous, smoking use on Elizabeth’s hair for sure) and sprays.  Our hair is also a statement to the world. In the case of Andres going away to college it signaled a change and his hair showed it. He wasn’t interested in a trim or shaping. I liked the curls but most of all, I wanted to support his right to choose his own unique look.  Elizabeth was very hard on him, telling him he looked like a bum or, if she was feeling particularly generous, like a caveman. Usually she would just spare words and tell him he looked “ugly and horrible!”  When he neared the end of the year he asked me to cut it.  “Really?” I said.  There was no explanation, no philosophical musings.  He was just ready and when I reached the point of what you see in the “after” shot he said that was enough.  A couple of weeks later he asked for it shorter, like he “used to have it.”  For years he hadn’t really changed his hair style from the short, spikey look.  Although the cut is back, somethings have changed a bit. He has actual sideburns now and wears them just slightly longer and he styles his hair spiked to the middle – a kind of “faux hawk” as they seem to call it.  Things may return but they are never the same – that is the journey of change and growth and I love to be witnessing it up close and personal in the life of Andres (and Elizabeth).  

Wilna inspired

I am posting this little card I made for Andres on his 20th birthday for Wilna to see, since she inspired it…..The “holder” is a flattened Starbucks cup. In Wilna’s version she stitched around the cup with her sewing machine. I just pierced the bottom and sides and tied it with fuzzy cranberry yarn…….Visiting her blog is an exercise in stretching creative imagination. If you leave her a comment on her blog you can have the opportunity to win one of her starbucks kits.  Go here.

A fun weekend….

Well, I didn’t unpack my bags and got up early on Friday to get reports done for the Tijuana ministry…….in the evening, we put up the Christmas tree…..on Saturday we threw a blow out party for Andres’ 20th birthday!  I am not sure how many people were here…..we lost count at 75 people.  My friend Kimi was so thoughtful to bring her camera and take photos so more will follow.  I snapped this shot of Andres when the band was playing.  I am so grateful that God has been so good to Andres (and to me) these 20 years.