Flurry of activity….

It has been a beautiful Christmas week.  We have had many special events at church since, if God wills, this is likely the last Christmas we spend at our current site (one that we have been in since 1961!)  I loved the women’s Christmas party where we talked about our favorite Christmas memory.  We learned so many beautiful and deep things about each other.  Pastor gave a special message on “From Memory to Legacy.” 

On Saturday, we took sourvenir Christmas photos in front of the altar like this one of Pastor Schmidt and his family….


and saw a special screening of the colorized version of “It’s a Beautiful Life.”  I didn’t think I would like it as well as the black and white version….but I did. It’s message is never dated.

Of course, our Christmas Eve service is something so special with candlelight.  Pastor had a great message about how the light of the Christ child overcomes all darkness. To illustrate the point of how darkness and crisis sometimes invade our lives without warning, he suddenly had all the lights turned off in the church with only the Christ candle of the Advent wreath lit.  It was a powerful visual.

The Children’s Christmas program is so heartwarming when children talk about the meaning of Christmas and retell the birth of Jesus.

You can read some Christmas musings on the Gift of gifts here and see a great video.


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