A tiny bit of scrapbooking…

What to do with all the good photos my friend Kimi took at Andres’ birthday party? Well, here is the result.  Of course, the two inserts peeking out underneath the focal photo are filled back and front with the real story…..reflecting on what it means for Andres to be 20, what he has discovered this year, how amazing his year has been and how grateful we are to God.

If you notice, I chose the colors of the sweater that Mikey is wearing, green, brown and white.  I used a party game truth or dare magnet game that I picked up at the Target dollar bin for the oval embellishments.  They say things like: “Talk about your first kiss” “Who are the three most important people in your life”  “Who would you trade places with and why”  The one that randomly caught my imagination was the one that said: “Run as fast as you can around the room.”  It made me think how this exactly describes Andres’ life right now at 20 and so the title idea was born…..  How about “run as fast as you can around your life.”  That is what is means to be 20.


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