Snow in St. Louis

There were truckloads of snow being hauled off the runway as we landed in St. Louis on Friday.  It was a beautiful, bright weekend though as we gathered for the Lutheran Women in Mission’s Board of Directors meeting. Chairmen of the national committees plus the 40 District Presidents from around the country meet to coordinate efforts and learn from each other. I roomed with my dear friend, Elaine who is the chairman of the Missions Advocacy and Grants Committee.   We brainstormed and even came up with a new Gospel Sharing tool together which we will develop as a new product.  I came with many pounds of Mexican rebozos (shawls) in the most delicious, bright colors you can imagine for our new line of ethnic wear that we are working on for the convention and catalogue. It was a great weekend of prayer and planning on how to motivate and support our women to greater mission passion and work.

Tomorrow is the big vote at the City Council regarding our new mission.  Elaine so graciously sent a video greeting to the Concordia prayer partners as we join our hearts in prayer tomorrow.  You can see it HERE.


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