Fusse at Brick by Brick

Fusse played tonight at Brick by Brick in the band competition Emergenza.  They only had 3 minutes to set up. THe band before had set the amp at weird reverb settings.  Andres busted a string on his electric guitar at the beginning of the set and he had to sing without his guitar.  He looked amazingly natural and energetic even without his guitar as security.  This meant Hector had to carry the lead and they switched up guitar solos even doing a creative bass solo. They cut out one song that required the extra lead guitar……they had to think of how to reorganize this all WHILE performing!  Even with all of that extra chaos and confusion, they were on the top of their game! If they go on to the next level, they play 4th and B next!  When they started as a band, that was their dream venue!


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