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Kansas was fun!

I had a great time meeting some great people in Kansas. I was invited to speak at the LWML District Convention.  It was 96 degrees here in Chula Vista and snowing in Topeka! Thanks for your prayers. I had six hours in the airport….just perfect to finish a new book by Will Mancini called “Church Unique: How Missional leaders cast vision, capture culture and create movement” 

Dedication of the Tijuana office

We had a wonderful dedication our new office in Tijuana.  We also got in a celebration for 10 years of ministry in the fascinating city of Tijuana. You can read more at

Oh well….Fusse did not make the next round.

It came down to a matter of votes!  The winning band had more than 100 people at Brick by Brick cheering them on. For a band whose members are all under 21 it is a distinct disadvantage to play in a competition at a venue that is 21 and over…..  

Well, the boys are chalking it up to another experience.