Ryan turns 20

Ryan requested the Mexican dish Mole (pronounced Mol-ay) for his birthday and asked Nuria to make her Tiramisu (she uses an original Italian recipe).  The Fusse boys had a fun time seranading Ryan.

Kicking off tour

The boys are getting ready big time for the tour……

it is called “In the Midst of It All” (or maybe it should be in the midst of all the poverty tour….because they are going on the cheap…Marc and Laura are lending them money for the mastering and production of the cd, cases for their expensive instruments while on tour, some band merchandise for sale….and the tour expenses to cover the gas and food at the supermarket and probably no hotel expenses! So……if you are on the tour route and have a room for 6 or 7 guys and their sleeping bags, let us know! ) I will post the tour route soon. They will be going up the coast I think to San Francisco and are even booked in Sparks, Nevada! More information at www.myspace.com/fusseband

Even though Andres has a cold, the boys recorded this video to promote the tour and the album! Everytime I watch this it totally CRACKS ME UP!

(Yes, Andres made up the rap as he went along…..random phrases)

Grandpa turns 99!

We had a lovely dinner and cake for Grandpa for his birthday.  His niece and her daughter came to visit.  We had a nice group of about 15 family and friends to celebrate the special day. I cut out the gold 99 numbers for his cake topper (got the idea from my friends Ron and Brittany’s wedding cake that had a beautiful R and B on top of the cake…..my version was not as pretty but I bet my cake was more delicious….a pineapple and lime cake from scratch!)  Andres and Javier played a special song for grandpa on the guitar and sax!  Grandpa was especially touched when I read the many birthday greetings he was sent via email and when he learned how many asked him to pray for their various concerns.  This will fill his prayer time…. he felt it was a great privilege and sacred trust.  Thank you everyone who sent emails!

[rockyou id=113526676&w=426&h=319]

“A place where Jesus would be”

Wow….when emailing with new friends Ron and Brittany….after kind of conmiserating about how violent Tijuana has become with the slew of kidnappings….I remembered that it is a good time to be in a ministry of peace and mercy.  Ron emailed back: “Thanks Melissa, Britt and I will be praying for you while you’re down there. It sounds like the type of place Jesus would be :)”   What a thought!  Where there is danger, hunger, hurt…..its the type of place Jesus would be.  It is good to be there then.  Thanks Ron! Ron is a talented graphic designer.  Take a look at this young couple in some of the coolest wedding photos I have ever seen. Click Here.  Which one is your favorite?  I love the lipstick shot but I think the one I like the best is the groomsmen in front of the yellow wall.

Prayer Need

Please pray for my friend Amy’s mom who is very ill. Pray also for Amy and her family during this difficult time.

“Baby” Amelie is 2 today.

I can’t believe the baby is already 2 years old!  I visited with the women of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Montebello, California (about 3 hours away) for their zone rally and returned about 5ish and was able to spend some time at the baby’s birthday party. I can’t believe I have had these pictures as my screen saver for a whole year!

Upcoming birthday

Well, guess who?  Here’s a hint:  He was born in 1909!  Yes, its grandpa.  He is like a boy counting down the days to his birthday. It is the 23rd of May.  He has become quite the prayer warrior this year as Rohde has read to him for hours on end from the Bible and from Koehler’s Summary of Christian Doctrine and Wather’s Law and Gospel and the Confessions (all in spanish of course!)  His is discovering that prayer is his unique purpose in this season of his life. 

It would delight him if you would send him a birthday greeting and especially if you would send him some prayer needs…..he takes these very seriously and knows that his time is very well invested praying. If you send me your greeting for Grandpa in the comment section (or to my email at mgsalomon@gmail.com) I will print them off and read them to him on his birthday. Or, if you would like to email me I will send you his mailing address and you can pop a little note in the mail to him.

Thank you!  You would be doing a very random…..but very kind……act of kindness!  I hope he will receive many things to pray for……to keep him busy this whole next year until he celebrates, if God is willing, his 100th birthday.

Update:  THe well wishes, congratulations and prayers have already been coming in.  It is so wonderful!  I realized I didn’t mention his name……but I absolutely LOVE that everyone is writing him and addressing him as “Grandpa”….he is going to love it!  Thank you so much…..and I am also realizing that you, dear friends, are also bestowing a kindness upon me too in the process and I am grateful.