Kicking off tour

The boys are getting ready big time for the tour……

it is called “In the Midst of It All” (or maybe it should be in the midst of all the poverty tour….because they are going on the cheap…Marc and Laura are lending them money for the mastering and production of the cd, cases for their expensive instruments while on tour, some band merchandise for sale….and the tour expenses to cover the gas and food at the supermarket and probably no hotel expenses! So……if you are on the tour route and have a room for 6 or 7 guys and their sleeping bags, let us know! ) I will post the tour route soon. They will be going up the coast I think to San Francisco and are even booked in Sparks, Nevada! More information at

Even though Andres has a cold, the boys recorded this video to promote the tour and the album! Everytime I watch this it totally CRACKS ME UP!

(Yes, Andres made up the rap as he went along…..random phrases)


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