Fusse’s Tour Kicks Off on Sunset Strip!

The boys kicked off their tour at the famous Rainbow Room on Sunset Strip.  It was a great time and the boys got to perform where other legendary bands have performed.  It was good that ALL the Fusse moms were present as well as their loyal fans!  We made record time driving to L.A. in two hours. Unheard of!  The moms had dinner at the Rainbow Room and talked with the manager about all the celebrities that frequent the Rainbow Room. The upper room is like a little cave.  The boys had to take all their equipment up this winding staircase.  It was wild…..but good!

[rockyou id=116462353&w=426&h=319] 

Celebra la Vida!

In spanish…..celebrate life!


New release – Fusse songs

The new CD is in production.  We are waiting to see it in our hands! The boys are booked into the Rainbow Room on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood!  Wow. Weird.  I went there a couple of times back in the late 70s when I was in college. It has the fame of being a place where musicians play and hang out.  It also have the fame as being the place John Belushi had his last meal (gross, I know!) 

The boys posted two new songs on their myspace website.  You can hear them here

Our kind and very generous neighbor jeff Horvath, professional photographer and videographer took the boys on a photo shoot in several locations downtown and in Balboa Park. The boys felt like celebrities! 

Today the four boys played for worship at Concordia Lutheran Church and pastor surprised them (and me!) by bringing them up to the altar for a special blessing.  Mother (me) of course was in tears!

Job Market 2009

I thought this was really funny.


Been a bit under the weather

Down with a little stomach flu for a few days. I am feeling better now but haven’t been in the mood much to blog…..except set up a new blog for Concordia’s Mission Training Camp discussion over at www.concordiahome.wordpress.com 

Women in mission….

We had our district Lutheran Women in Mission Convention this weekend. I led a group of ethnic women who were learning about the LWML and getting an opportunity to attend an event with 500 women.  The mission projects that were approved…..$130,000 worth from women gathering the pennies and more that go into the little cardboard mite boxes. The bible study and preaching…..excellent.  One of the Heart to Heart women addressed the convention (through my translation) and brought people to tears. She said it was wonderful to work for the Lord together as women in mission. When Jesus invited women to follow him in the Gospel of St. Luke that was when the LWML was born! 

We had an opportunity to meet with National LWML President Jan Wendorf.



Is it just me? Is it my dork self? I was going to say “inner dork” but it is not too hidden in my case.  I am fascinated with the National Spelling Bee.  Words are fascinating things! I thought this moment was funny. I also love to see the diversity of super bright American kids with parents from so many nations of the world. Beautiful!