Bad blogger here…..

actually I have been a good blogger, just not here.  I have been working on the blogs for our mission training camp in preparation for our mission launch. Actually, I am happy I figured out how to put a powerpoint on my channel.  My friend Pastor Obot who I helped get up and blogging traveled from Jamaica to Nigeria to attend his mother’s funeral and both he and his wife are in the hospital in Jamaica with Malaria. Please pray for them. My friend Jean is keeping strong with her family while her husband goes through lots of surgeries for brain cancer. Her faith is an inspiration to me.  Keep Brad in your prayers please.  I have a busy few weeks ahead.  We have some friends from Iowa coming to Tijuana to do servant projects.  We have a dedication of a new church in Tijuana on Sunday ( prayers of thanksgiving and praise! ) and then I will travel to St. Louis for training with Lutheran Hour Ministries and then off to Kentucky to participate in the Lutheran Hour Ministries convention with a few of my other fellow directors from various parts of the world.  Please pray for this event…that we may grow and all those in attendance will be inspired to take on the mission of sharing God’s love as a personal commitment!  Fusse (pronounced Foo-say, in case you were wondering) is practicing for a performance in Anaheim on Thursday. Their CD is out!  I had an opportunity to listen to it most of the day today on my computer while at work….the mastering was done very well… sounds very crisp. The boys have done a wonderful job.  Their live performance adds many extras and goodies for those who are faithful fans….they want to keep it fresh for everyone!


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