St. Louis and Kentucky here we come!

(We gathered at the home of Walt WInters, director of International Ministries for LHM. Here are Miriam Sonntag, director for the Paraguay LHM, Rebeca de Franco, director of the office in Guatemala and yours truly. This evening we went to Ted Drews famous in St. Louis for a frozen custard but there were about 200 people in line so we didn’t stop!)

Thanks for your prayers for my trip.  St. Louis is a bit warm and humid.  We have had, however, good meetings with the international staff and the St. Louis staff.  It is so good to get together with my colleagues from around the world.  We only get together ever 5 years.  For the director of Myanmar and the Director of Paraguay, this is the first time to the United States.  It is important to hear about the work that the Lord is doing around the world. The office in Myanmar has served people that have been effected by the cyclones.  Can you imagine a natural disaster that kills over 150,000 people just two months ago…and the president does not allow help from outside?  Pray for the people in Myanmar.  Marlay the director will be my roomate once we go to the convention in Kentucky.  We leave by bus tomorrow.


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