LHMinistries in Kentucky

Got sick and last night had no voice and piercing pain.  I didn’t have such a great day and decided to take up the offer to go to the Urgent Care.  We made it through the presentations on stage this morning.  Lovely sweet Jane, assistant to Larry Lumpe took Miriam from Paraguay and I to urgent care. I was worried about Miriam because she has 13 speaking engagements when we leave here around the Grand Canyon District in the state of ARizona.  We both got a super duper strong antibiotic mixed with some other good drugs in a very big shot on the hip.  Then some more antibiotics at the Walmart (at $4!!!) and I stepped into the convention hall just in time to make the presentation I was doing with a team of three other staff from international ministry and volunteer ministries.  It went well and then we went peeking in at the exhibits.  I found this WONDERFUL new bible with Luthers Small Catechism built in…..of course in SPANISH!  I was very excited about that.  If you want to support the LHM office in Tijuana please contact them and order some for us…… They are from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation and had an opportunity to speak to the new Executive Director, Rev. James Fandry.

We then went to the Kentucky Horse Farm. What beautiful farms for these high performance horses.  We were told some of the horse barns can be quite plush…..especially those housing the horses that have sold for up to $16million dollars!  Yikes!

Enjoy a few photos from my trip so far.

[rockyou id=118598048&w=426&h=319]


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