Fusse Rocks the Cabana Club in Hollywood

The Cabana Club in Hollywood is a posh venue. The Fusse moms/dads and one grandma! flew in or drove up for this special performance.  The boys got an opportunity to see what it feels like to play with an audience screaming for them and their music! They finished their set with their new song “Definition of a Kiss.”  The FUSSE moms (and new friend Renata a visitor from Brasil) stayed overnight at the Hotel 6 and took a leisurely drive back to San Diego today stopping in San Juan Capistrano for lunch.

(for those new to my blog… my son, Andres is the lead singer, guitarist and writes all the music for FUSSE….half of the boys Andres knew in Lutheran High School San Diego and the sax/bass player has been his best friend since he was 10!)

Listen to the screams.

Look at this bass transfer here.  Javier is still playing the bass in mid air….then he goes into his sax solo. 

Here is the intro to “Definition of a Kiss”  ( a slight audio glitch….. )

End to their set. Check out Hector’s solo here.  What an evening!


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