A simple layout of the convention/Kentucky

Journaling: “We had a training in St. Louis with 12 of the International directors.  While there, it was a good opportunity to gather as our region.  We also celebrated Ken Peterson’s 25th year anniversary in the LHM ministry.  We presented him with a memory book containing heart-felt letters and photos of Ken in our regions.  Some of the directors especially Paolo from Brasil and Alberto from Argentina had photos from many years ago!  Those were fun to see.  From St .Louis we caravanned to the Convention in Kentucky. Courtesy of our District partnerships, we were able to speak to the convention goers, prayer partners and district partners.  It also gave us the opportunity to get to know some home office staff that we had only known via email before….Elizabeth, Noel, Eric and Nancy.”

Grrrr….This is not well written but I rarely rewrite my journaling. I am naturally very critical of my own writing and I would write and rewrite forever if given my druthers……and nothing would get done!  So, I write down things when they are fresh and commit to them….imperfect as they are because the most important thing is to preserve the memory and that is pretty perfect all by itself! Scrapbooking (and blogging for that matter) has helped me overcome some of that need to sound and write it “right”…..I want it to sound true to life and as if you can hear me talking as you read.  That is what I want to leave behind….something that reflects my true “voice.”  That is part of my commitment to live an authentic life.


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