How could there be a loving God when there is so much suffering?

It is said that this is the number one question of those struggling with issues of faith. On Sunday Pastor Schmidt talked about seeking the heart of God not trying to understand the mind of God and demand answers to the tough questions of life (at least to us they are the tough questions). Are you ready to respond to those around us that wonder “How could there be a loving God when there is so much suffering?”

I can’t wait until we have the technology in place so that we can video tape pastor’s sermon messages and be able to play them again until God’s message entirely penetrates our hearts, minds and spirits and we can share powerful messages with others. I mentioned on my blog that I visited Messiah Lutheran CHurch in St. Louis last month. I just found the video of the sermon message that I heard that day on this very topic. I was amazed that Pastor Schult kept it together for the whole message. I was not so successful. That message was videotaped and you will be tremendously blessed by hearing his message from God’s own heart. You will be reminded that God really does have an answer to suffering and it is Himself! He is a God of great love.

Please…..view this video . It is a little more than 20 minutes but you will be gripped with the overwhelming message of God’s love and compassion for mankind. I promise.



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