Fusse at Knitting Factory in October

Even though I missed it, Andres and his band (www.myspace.com/fusseband) had a good gig at the famous Whiskey a Go Go  in Hollywood on Friday.  They are booked now at The Knitting Factory in Holly wood on October 11. Directions HERE.

Fun to be in Orlando but great to be HOME!

Thanks for your prayers.  It was awesome getting to know the women of the LWML Florida Georgia District. They are some fun gals and really committed to supporting the ministry in Haiti! I especially have to thank my friend Joan Koch and outgoing DP Lois Ford for the invitation.  Now I need to go through phone messages and email messages……!

THEME:  “Beautiful Feet… Beautiful Mission”

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.”  Isaiah 52:7

31st Biennial Convention

September 26 – 28, 2008
Orlando Marriott Airport Hotel

60 Years Commemorative Celebration

Orlando East and Orlando
West Zones are busily preparing to host the upcoming FL-GA LWML Convention.

Keynote Speaker will be Reverend Dr. Robert Roegner, Executive Director of LCMS World Mission.

LWML President Jan Wendorf will be one of the speakers.

Other Speakers:

Rev. Eric (and wife Kera) Eichinger, past China Missionary and currently Associate Pastor of Faith, Eustis, FL

Pat Bilow, LWML Planner

Melissa Solomon, Heart to Heart Sister and missions in Mexico.

A Quote and more….

I found this quote on one of my favorite scrapbookers blog, Wilna Furstenberg

Be extraordinarily kind to the people you meet, you never know what battles they are fighting.

When I first started scrapbooking I admired the work of Allison Strine and then I didn’t see her work appear in the magazines anymore.  I think she was a little ahead of her time. I just found her and she is a working artist creating some wonderful collages, etc. My favorites are her wearable art pendants.  This is a favorite:

Planning the event!

Yes, its official.  We are planning a party for grandpa for his 100th birthday in New Mexico!  Yes, it is his greatest desire to see extended family and friends who know him in the whole northern New Mexico area.  He is such a people person. Sometimes the three of us are there (my mom, me and my sister in law Rhode who helps care for him) and he says, “I wish I had someone to talk to.” And we say, “What are we, chopped liver?” I think he wants to share his great stories with new faces, not someone who has enjoyed his stories a hundred times already.

We haven’t actually told him yet……The last time we went he was able to reminisce with some Apache friends of his that when he was young he was allowed to race in the Apache foot race contest….probably the only white man to do this at that time.  That must have been in the 1920’s!  Grandpa is so wonderful and says he loves living in Chula Vista but I know the truth.  His heart longs to be among the pine trees and mountain ranges and in his own home in Gallina, New Mexico (the one that my grandma decorated with sponged walls—-before it was fashionable—and multicolored carpeted stairs done with samples and remnants of carpets.)  Well, it will take some planning but my brother Mark and I are agreed grandpa deserves it and so now we pray that God will allow him to have the gift of time to enjoy the wonderful days in May of 2009.  I have to add a new tab to my organizer so that in addition to the LWML National Convention’s H2H program, and the women’s program for the National Hispanic Convention I have a delightful birthday celebration to plan!

Scrapbooking my daughter’s art

I used some of Liz’s art from Concordia last year as a backdrop for this scrapbook page highlighting this black and white photo of Liz at the beach. We live so close to the beach but rarely go.  When I see this photo I am reminded to enjoyi the beauty that surrounds me everyday.

World premier of new song

Yeah, that’s a lot of hype but it is so sweet that the boys are excited about working hard on getting a new song ready for performing it that they want their moms to be the first to hear the song!  “Before your name” is the new song……I am hoping they will premier it at the Whiskey a Go Go where they will be performing September 26.  It has an interesting feel to the song and has some great, tight drum work.  The three moms that are here in CHula Vista were there to give them their first cheers….(we were missing Ryan’s mom who is up north but she is going to be with the boys when they perform at the Whiskey).  I will be speaking at a LWML District Convention in Orlando, Florida that weekend and won’t be able to be with the boys this time.  I am glad I got to be part of this “premier.”  You can hear some of their music HERE

Seth Godin

His blog always makes me think.  His pdf book talks about marketing outside of traditional means…..how to create tribes of people who move along an idea that strikes a chord with them (and the leaders who are passionate about that idea!). Here is his free manifesto. This is from his blog too:


Is it worth doing?

What was my impact?

Will it matter in the long haul?

What sort of connections did I create?

Wherever you live, whatever you do, you have an obligation.