Fusse Finesse

It is fascinating to see how the boys react when things don’t go as planned.  Andres told me he is guided by this idea……”even if you break all your strings, you keep going as if nothing happened.”  Well, they had a very teeny, tiny sound check because the other bands took so long, I guess.  I remember him telling the sound guy that he was using the acoustic guitar on the first and fourth song.  Andres started to play “Definition of a Kiss”……and realized there was no sound and he tried to alert the sound guy …thinking he had picked up his cue Andres started in…but about 3 or 4 seconds of effort into it Andres turned to pick up his electric guitar……Hector, without cue, just realizing what was happening, picked up Andres’ part seemlessly.  Andres began playing the guitar and realized one string was hopelessly out of tune so he adjusted what he played…..on the spot……No matter what, you keep playing.  A good philosphy.


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