Christmas with family…..

At 99 and a half, we had the privilege of hearing Grandpa read the Christmas story from Luke 2.  I don’t remember when it was that we were all together the four generations. It was my mom, my  brother and me and our children (Andres, Elizabeth, Sara and Brandon).  It was very special.

Andres’ Christmas Poem for Grandpa:

Merry Christmas grandpa, you’re looking fine

for spending Christmas 99 times

But still each year, you walk through that door

and act as if you haven’t done this before

And that’s what I like and enjoy

You have that wonder that childhood boy

I see it in your face, it comes out as joy

When you smile the whole world says, “Oh boy!”

That’s because you are so nice, you are so kind

Your strong in spirit, faith and mind.

You’re always happy and never complain

Through out these years you reamin the same

So, I just want to tell you today

I love you grandpa in every way.

Merry Christmas, Love Andres. 2008

I’ve talked alot about letting your young children write you letters and poems for gifts. I fell upon it by accident… but it has given me a large book of treasures….and in the process my son has become a songwriter (after all that experience).  He always insists I read my poems in private.  I will share with you the intro:

So another year is almost done

That means a poem from your son

A bunch of words, arranged in rhyme

to give to you, this Christmas time.

This year again he wrote 30 lines of verse.  As I have been amazed by his prolific writing of songs, I am amazed at how easily he writes rhyme and doesn’t erase anything (and I know my son, so I know that this is his first and only draft!)  

What a joy also to receive my daughter’s heart felt letter.  She has learned to express herself so well.

They both added funds for my charity this year.  I love that! This year…..the mission launch of Concordia Lutheran Church and a chair for a teacher in Uganda through A One Eight Initiative.


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