Mini vacation in San Francisco

I hadn’t realized but it had been 4 years we hadn’t taken a family vacation! No wonder this was so wonderful to have a three day getaway to San Francisco. We also made this a birthday celebration for Elizabeth’s upcoming 20th birthday. Wow was it refreshing and relaxing.  Even though rain was forecast for the entire time, we had two days of sun with only intermittant light showers which were not bad at all. It was actually gorgeous!  Thanks to credit card points given to us we were able to stay at the Westin St. Francis. What an amazing hotel with amazing service.  We did all the touristy things……it was such fun!

We got a cheap flight. The 6am flight going gave us an incredibly long day the first day…..but the 6am flight on the return was a little hard.  I got a cheap car rental through hotwire on a little toyota yaris which was perfect for those tight spots in downtown traffic.  On Sunday even though it pretty much rained the whole day, we went to church in the downtown area….. and then to Sausalito and just explored the San Francisco area then experienced BART.

What a perfect weekend!


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