Still rolling the message of SUnday around in my mind. Maybe because there is a little of  “our world is messed up” or “life is confusing”….we talked about on Sunday.

You HAVE to hear the podcast HERE.

Rather mindblowing sharing and thinking of how to share God’s story…..very good.   You can see the youtube videos HERE.

Excellent message….something to think about throughout the year.  Favorites:

  • Lingering time with God = fire burning within because of God   (and the question….when was the last time your heart was warmed..even on fire because of God?)
  • Time to explore where God is, what he is up to and where he is working.
  • Approach to Scripture:  Don’t look for information (or answers because life is confusing) but look for the presence of Jesus
  • Igniting fire in worship/fellowship…..keeping fire burning when working as a team toward mission.

Please pray for our messed up world.  Prayer request for the ministry in Tijuana HERE

New video by Israel

Pray for our construction schedule….

Last night at the Farmer’s Market (promoting the new Concordia Preschool and Childcare Center) we had a good evening. I met the woman who organizes a large Mommy’s Group in the neighborhood and our preschool staff has already arranged a special meeting for these mommies!  We had a nice group of parents to talk to!  The weather was so great and the late afternoon was absolutely delicious!  We are grateful for so many parents trusting us to enroll their children in our school even before it has been built! I think we are nearing 70 pre enrolled children. It is being framed now. Please pray for safety and swiftness for the framers…..so that we can meet our schedule.  We are excited that the new preschool director is moving in this Saturday!  So exciting….

2am and can’t sleep.

A little prayer. A little scrapbooking. A little cleaning. A little review of blogs I follow.  I have seen this before. Still fascinating….


One of the weird things about working in two countries in the same day!  Today I was in Tijuana planning preschool tuition….$35 a week for up to 3 children (not per child) from one family.  Then going to promo preschool in Chula Vista in the afternoon at the Otay Ranch Town Center’s Farmer’s Market for  a bit more……excellent tuition rates for Chula Vista at a first rate school.  Of course the two communities are like night and day.  However, it is remarkable to know that people with equal commitment to the well being of the children in their care, and a willingness to teach them with love and teach them about the God of Heaven and Earth will be working in each preschool!  One preschool will cost between 15,000 and 20,000 by the time it is done and the other one will cost more than $6 million once complete!  Surreal…. but very cool that I get to be a part of both of these projects…..

The knots lead you to the beauty you leave behind.

From Kathryn Fialkowski’s Blog:

Someone told me a story once, where a person was guided to look back at the journey of their life displayed on a tapestry. “It’s beautiful and perfect,” they said. The guide said, “wait, you are looking at the wrong side.” And he flipped the tapestry over. There on the other side: knots, entanglement, loose threads. It was messy and complex. The guide said, “this is the journey as you lived it. The other side is what you leave behind.”

New Music Rocked Church Today

New video posted here of new music prepared by the Praise Band on Easter.