Finding your passion

I have posted the video of Sir Ken Robinson from the TED talk several times. If you follow my blog you have seen it  ON CREATIVITY.   He has written a new book re viewed by my friend Mark Howell from Strategy Central.


Sunday, 6:15 p.m.  72°F here in Rocklin…totally a so cal day.  Beautiful.  Ribs in the smoker.  Debbie’s jammin au gratin potatoes in the oven.  Good times in no cal.

Picked up a new book off the stack this weekend.  The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Sir Ken Robinson.  First heard about Robinson last year when I tripped across a TED talk by him that was very powerful.  You can check out the talk right here.  The book is off to quite a start.  Very much in the vein of Gladwell’s Outliers, this one focuses on the spot where the activities individuals enjoy and are naturally good at come together.  Looks great!  The introduction had me at “hello.”  I think you’ll be hearing a lot about it over the next few weeks.


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