8 ways to encourage your friends…..

Jon Swanson from Levite Chronicles wrote this:

I love the good gossip about them…ingeniously simple….. and never assume they know you care….simple but profound. The mind map thing is a little new and sounds hard but it is simple too and clever and creative.  Try one today!

  • Take a picture (of your friend, of the two of you, of a cow, of a sign). Print it out (snapfish, flickr, walgreens, your own printer). Write a note telling them specifically how they are making a difference in lives. Mail it to them.
  • When they are in the middle of a busy day, send them a text.
  • Remember their birthday (Facebook, your birthday email from last year).
  • Take five minutes and make a mindmap.
    Here’s what that is: Put their name in the middle of a piece of paper. Around it make 5 lists: odd things they do; ways they care about others; objects or activities they love most; things THEY want to do better (NOT what YOU want them to do better); people who speak well of them. Put this paper next to your computer and include items from it in your notes and emails and conversations with them. (It tells them you thought about them).
  • Gossip good about them to a mutual friend.
  • Forgive them (don’t tell them about it, just forgive them).
  • Reply to their emails, even if just to acknowledge receipt.
  • Never assume they know you care.
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