LWML – Heart to Heart Program

Heart to Heart Sisters program involved 30 women who were born in 16 different countries. It was such a privilege to meet these women. They are passionate for the Lord’s work and were so excited to be with other women of color …women who are gifted and talented from the Lord for the Lord! I am so looking forward to seeing what will happen as they encourage and support each other!

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Prayer Partners

We are 36 days away from the 1st phase of the mission launch.  Sept. 13 we begin monthly services on site. Please pray for this mission launch.  See this video clip just posted.  SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Sign up as a prayer partner by sending me your email to receive special prayer partner updates and prayer needs. mgsalomon@gmail.com

Grab the youtube code and put this on your blog too! Post it on your facebook.  Put it on your twitter (here is the shortened code:  http://www.bitty.li/0OV)

Fusse at Yogurt Time

Love Yogurt Time (corner of H street and Otay Lakes Rd behind the Hollywood Video and Taco Bell)

Fusse played last night at Yogurt Time in Chula Vista.  I can’t wait until their next CD is finished!

Easily edified….

Liked this on Justin Taylor’s Blog

“A mature Christian is easily edified.”

Chip Stam cited those words by Harold Best in the first video I linked to earlier. Those words have been rolling around in my heart and mind for the past couple of days.

Easily edified.

Isn’t that a wonderful goal–a sign of good mental health and genuine obedience of faith?

I’m afraid that far too often an accurate assessment of myself would reveal:

  • easily annoyed
  • easily irritated
  • easily impatient
  • easily hurt
  • easily angered
  • easily distracted
  • easily arrogant

But wouldn’t it be great if those who knew us best could honestly say, “It is so easy to edify him. It doesn’t take much. It doesn’t need to be the best sermon ever preached or the most excellent song ever composed or the most powerful book ever written or the most theologically eloquent statement ever uttered. Just the simplest truth was enough to refresh his heart in Christ.”

Not a bad way to pray–for ourselves and for others.


Opened the document for convention assignments and saw this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow…….what a privilege but a BIG responsibility……..!!!!!!   I GET TO OFFER THE PRAYER FOR THE MISSION GOAL (yikes…….ON STAGE….for thousands of women)

Last Name First Name Day
On Stage Other-off  Stage
Salomon Melissa Friday AM Prayer Voting Mission Goal
Salomon Melissa Friday Noon Heart-to-Heart Sisters Reunion
Salomon Melissa Saturday Noon Helper – LCMS World Mission Luncheon


If you are a reader of my blog you will recognize this speaker on Creativity and the video I have posted a few times over the years. He is one of my favorite thinkers on the subject. He is actually an educator.  I am reading a new book he wrote on the subject.  The Element: How Finding your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson.  In his first chapter he shares one of my favorite stories about a 6 year old drawing a picture of God and the teacher says, “But no one knows what God looks like.”  The little girl responds, “They will in a minute.” The confidence of children in their own creative process….how do we rediscover that in us as adults and nurture it?