New Mission Work

Dear Partners in Mission.  As many of you know, I serve 3/5th time for CPTLN – LHM Mexico and 2/5th time for Concordia Lutheran Church in Chula Vista, CA (on the U.S. side).  How can you divide your heart?  I actually work two full time jobs or maybe I should say it this way……..I am a half time volunteer for CPTLN and half time volunteer for Concordia Lutheran Church!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the new daycare ministry in Tijuana. We will likely begin with some ministry outreach classes in about 2 weeks.  Here in Tijuana we have the benefit of being able to use some of the building even though it is not all complete.  We are working on the second level and the first level is nearly complete.  Check again to see photos soon.    PLEASE PRAY!

On the U.S. side we launch the new mission — also a ministry to children — in 23 days.  Interesting to note that the two lutheran childrens’ ministry sites are less than an hour away from each other but in different countries.  You would faint it I told you how much the US site is costing.  The Tijuana site costs about .004% of what the U.S. site costs.  Anyone who knows me knows has heard me say at one time or another, “Money is never the issue.”  Actually, I should say, “It’s all on the Lord’s bill.” PLEASE PRAY. My pastor taped this 2 1/2 minute plea for more prayer partners.  If you want to commit to 1 minute of prayer for the next 100 days (and I want you to), send your email to me at and I will include you. Friends, I have probably already asked you this…..maybe multiple times.  OK, so have you told me “Yes” yet?


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