New Blog for a New Day

Many months of dreaming and planning…..thanks to the talent of one of our creative Concordia volunteers (this volunteer has a combination of tech knowledge, dogged inquisitive got to figure it out mind, and is a creative thinker) we are close to launching our new web site and staff blogs!  This will now be my ministry blog where I will post ideas, thinking, reading, praying, observing, etc. of a person dedicated to the mission of creating connections for people in their faith journey as part of this mission planting team!  Don’t worry, I will include some personal notes (you can’t divide the heart) but this is the first post of the Concordia Community Life Coordinator Blog!  Wooooohooooo!  As I share with you what I am thinking about, praying about, reading about in ministry, I hope you will share with me also from your life and ministry.  I am loving this journey.

Have you heard about the six word memoir?  Ernest Hemmingway was challenged to write a story in six words.  Clare Booth Luce told President Kennedy that “a great man is one sentence.”  Reducing your life to six words is a mighty challenge.  What do you want to be remembered for?  What gets you up in the morning?  This was an intriguing post in today’s Harvard Business blog. You can read more HERE.

What get’s me up in the morning?  Maybe it’s because I know I am:  “Commissioned by God. Called to Love”  Give it a try. Leave me a comment and give me your six words.


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