Busy week….fun tomorrow

Had a great week in Tijuana. You can see an interesting ride to a Lutheran mission HERE (Can you believe I was narrating, navigating ditches, driving and videotaping at the same time!  My friend Dorie said I shouldn’t be doing any multitask driving! She is right.

Tomorrow is our Community Family Fun Day…..a fun day designed with the preschooler and their families in mind.  I didn’t know they had a 35 ft jumper designed with the young child in mind!  Games, goodies and a salsa=taste off for families.  I am one of the salsa makers!  But best of all….we get to show our preschool in a very private preview for those who come and sign up. Because there is still some construction activity inside we only get to take adults in for a tour.  I am going to show up early to get my tour in before the crowds show up!

Prayer please for my friend S. and K. and E.  Pray for God’s healing. Thanks.

Please pray for our gathering next week in Orlando for the National Hispanic Convention. Pray for unity, mission focus and passion for the Lord and those who are far from Him.


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