Wed. Update on Jorden

Everyone liked being able to see Jorden’s beautiful face and connect her to the prayers we have been saying! So many comments have come into the Facebook updates about her incredible strength and faith. Jorden is an amazing young woman, allright!

update Wednesday 3pm

Great news Jorden just  moved out of ICU and into her private room. She only has her IV in now, all others out. They are still monitoring pain and breathing. They will  try and get her walking later tonight.
They just gave her the ok to change liquid diet to something more substantial. Nick reading Jorden the menu.
Unfortunately I will have to leave my beautiful niece as duty calls.
Headed back to san diego in a few.(this is aunt Kimi)
I will send updates as I receive from Timi. (mom of Jorden, twin of Kimi)
Once again thank you  all for the support and love. Please continue to have Jorden in your prayers.
Signing off.

update Wednesday 9:40am

Jorden did not sleep much, nurse says pain will be expected more as the days go by. Jorden is not eating/liquids  much they/we  are encouraging her to have more liquids also to breath into I-S breathing tube as her recent x-ray showed a little collection at bottom of lungs.
They are taking other chest tube now,deep breaths…..

Wed 1:20am

“Two main chest tubes are out.  Jorden did well, she said: ” was not as bad as I thought  and the pressure is gone in my chest.” One more to go but not today.”

Isn’t Jorden amazing?  The facebook page has had lots of comments about her strong spirit and faith!


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