The Jorden Prayer Blog and Fan Club!

..I know Jorden’s strength and story has inspired many of you as it has me!  Jorden’s 13 year old sister Sydney has this note she wants to share with her sisters’ supporters  (update via Auntie Kimi who has been the one keeping us up to date in real time via her Blackberry!) – Melissa

My sister is a very strong person! She seems to be healing very well! She has faith and that’s all it takes the improvement she has been making is incredible! If you asked me to describe my sister in three words I would tell you, she is much more than three words no amount of words can explain the kind of person she is. I love her with all my heart and love the person she has always been. Sydney

Also, Just off the phone with Tim (Jorden’s mom)

Jorden had a good night, she did her breathing exercises every hour on the hour and as a result the X-Rays this morning are Clear! They have adjusted her pain meds, no more Morphine, she is now on Vicodin. The doctor stopped by to inform them that he will be removing the Electronic heart monitor from her chest today. As well, she may be released as early as tomorrow, Friday, but dependent on her getting up and walking. She is eating a little more and more alert now that she is off the Morphine.


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