Jorden’s Update

A note from Jorden’s mom on Sunday………then (drum roll!) a photo of Jorden as she walks down to the beach for a little exercise.  Isn’t she amazing?  Keep up those prayers, Jorden fans!  Love, Melissa (a radical and rejoicing Jorden fan!)

Hello All,


I feel like I have been in a time warp for the last seven days – All I can say is about the last seven days, is EMOTIONAL!! As a Parent(s) we try so hard to protect our children from harm, pain and failure. However, when such things occur that are out of our hands, a feeling of helplessness over comes ones soul!! For me a great sense of fear stepped in, and I had to dig deep a few times to restore my faith!!

All the while,  Jordo was calm as a cookie – her faith intact all the while! As she wrote in her notes of gratitude to Dr. Laks and his team, “thank you for fixing my broken heart”!! Big time CHEERS to the UCLA Organization – I would highly recommend them!

Thanks to all of you for your support, well wishes and prayers!!

Now the real work begins….….discharge orders are hefty – but glad I am able to be home with her, to insure all is being done. Wouldn’t you know that, my insurance includes a home health nurse three days a week for the first two weeks!! Woo hooo…..

Now time for a nice ice cold beer – and some good sleep to start all over in the am…
with a better sense (once again) of the true importance of living a healthly, happy and simple life! Breathing in and out…..oh what a joy…..

much love,


Update today, August 5:

Hi All,

Jorden enjoying the beach in Ventura. She has to walk down the alley to the beach from her house. She is getting in routine of medications, bathing, eating, exercise etc.

She wanted me to send you a big Thank You for all your Prayers & support, she said it really help her through and continues to help her.


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