Are you a lists (goal) type person?

Are you a list maker a goal setter?  I came across this post by pastor Shaun King.  (as an aside, this young pastor has an amazing story)  Some great stuff to think about…….if you are like me, this kind of stuff fascinates you.

Tomorrow we are starting what I think is going to be the most powerful, life-changing series in the life of our young church – 100 Life Goals: Creating a Vision for Victory.  I wanted to create a simple resource list for you that I will be referencing throughout the series.  This is a living list that I will be adding my sermon notes to as well as other resources that will help you in this journey.

10 Steps to Setting 100 Life Goals by Mark Batterson (This is an amazing instructive article that also includes Mark’s 100 Life Goals list.  Much of what I am basing our 100 Life Goals series on was first inspired by this article.)

John Goddard’s 127 Life Goals (The list of the world’s greatest goal achiever)

Ted’s 101 List (You will be shocked when you see how many checks on this list from the owner of the Washington Captials.  I love the categories too.)


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